flue extender, flue stretcher

Our new Flue Extender (or Flue Stretcher), is designed to increase the height of the chimney flue. This is necessary in some cases to improve draft by putting the flue opening above roofs and other nearby structures.

Our Flue Stretchers / Extenders are available in stainless and 20 oz. copper. Coming Soon!

Coming soon - one of the most comprehensive web sites on the internet showing a wide range of fluecaps in both stainless and copper. These quality fluecaps include:

Finest Quality Flue Caps In The Industry!

single flue cap, designer lidOur Single Flue Caps are available in stainless or copper. These exceptional flue caps feature a super tight fit, one screw fastening, removable lids, compact collapsible base and offers the most net free screen area which deters clogging and is less restrictive than other flue caps.

All of our flue caps are available with standard 3/4" or 5/8" screen mesh and 2 1/2" or 4 1/2" lid overhang and 6 1/2" or 10 1/2" screen height.

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top mount flue cap, basic lidTop Mount Flue Caps

Our Top Mount Flue Caps are also available in stainless or copper and come in four (4) different screen heights and two (2) lid sizes. Adjustable mounting flanges on our top mount fluecaps greatly enhance the ability to level the chimney flue cap. Removable lids allow for easy maintenance. Choose either a basic or beautiful designer lid for that "special touch".

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custom outside mount flue cap, designer lidOutside Mount Flue Caps

Our Outside Mount Flue Caps offer the maximum protection for the chimney from critters, the rain and the elements. Multiple lid and metal choices are available to compliment the home. They give the capacity to hide ugly brickwork or poorly constructed crowns.

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round flue cap, cone lidRound Flue Caps

Our Round Flue Caps are designed to fit round terra cotta flue tiles or metal liners. Easy, single clamp fastening system attaches with one connection like our single flue clamp caps. Custom sizes are available.

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